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I found it difficult to understand on rails when we first started phase 4. I didn’t fully understand active record and databases from the previous phase and felt a little overwhelmed with all the new information.

I think also because of covid and lockdown, I was not as attentive during…

When we first started learning ruby I was really excited because I didn’t have a lot of experience with back end code. It was new to me and an area that I thought I could be interested in.

The language elegant and simple to understand, I liked how it always…

When I first approached this project. I came into it with a lot of confidence (overconfidence). I really enjoyed the previous JavaScript project and was assuming I would be able to write React as well as Javascript and be able to add more features and add more polish!

I was…

It took me a long time to pick and API, I tossed up between the pokemon, yugioh and naruto api but finally settled on SpaceX

To start, I began by writing a simple function to fetch my code to see what sort of object I would be working with. …

Design + Engineering

As a designer working for enterprises, it’s often difficult to go back and fix design if you missed something during design and development. More often than not unless it’s a functional bug, cosmetic bugs remain visible on the site for ages!


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